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Dr. Margaret Rogers Van Coops

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 SuAromatherapypagemaris Center specializes in spiritual growth and guidance towards tranquility, balance and purpose in your life.

Through a variety of healing modalities, individuals and families are given a path towards realizing their potential and conquering barriers to happiness in their lives.

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Each technique involves channeling universal and personal energies to give each participant a clear path, peace of mind and equilibrium in their lives.


Renowned medium, hypnotherapist and psychotherapist/psychic counselor Dr. Margaret Rogers Van Coops began the Sumaris Psychic Center with her husband, Dr. Stephen Michael Van Coops, an experienced hypnotherapist, holistic healer and expert on meditative techniques and psychic development. The center combines their extensive knowledge and talents in healing modalities to offer breakthrough therapy and education for professionals, individuals, couples and families everywhere.


Together they provide a wide variety of healing and guiding techniques, including hypnosis, chakra alignment, chakra healing, psychic readings, spiritual readings and their own Crystal Acupuncture Therapy and Beauty Crystal Acupuncture.

Learn more about any spiritual or physical therapy technique through books, videos, CDs and recordings provided. To schedule an in-person or remote session, contact Dr. Steve or Dr. Margaret online.


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Quantum Entanglement: A Paranormal Point Of View

Dr. Margaret’s new Book – Quantum Entanglement: A Paranormal Point of View is now available. 

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We also think you will benefit so much from our recorded hypnosis inductions that we will send you The Oneness Meditation absolutely free if you purchase two inductions. 

Many of Margaret’s books and CD’s can be found in the Shop as well as Self Healing Kits. These items are ready to be purchased at very reasonable prices.

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Our Sumaris Education Center is currently open for Psychic Development courses. By clicking on the menu item Education Center you can see full descriptions on this and other courses that will be available to you.

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